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Our Business

Our investment focus and strategy is to invest in mid-size companies with a compelling business model, and a reasonable potential to grow as a leader in the industry. We emphasize on past management track record especially its management capabilities of executing the business goals in all kinds of market environment. We target mainly the Greater China Region, and analyze each industry’s macro dynamics and pin down leading private companies. We look into the micro perspectives of the individual companies and check whether the companies possess the ability to cope with bad economic environment. We believe this will be demonstrated by strong management team, its proprietary technology, unique business models, and high entry barrier.

We provide growth capital to established companies with compelling track record together with management’s accountability towards investors. We would like to enhance the company’s value by taking the company to be recognized by the international community through listing the companies on major stock exchanges and further support to raise capital to sustain future growth needs.

We make individual investments of between US$3 million to US$20 million, and seek minority equity ownership. We would like to obtain board seats or observer seats to share our experience with the management of the company and work together to build the company to become more competitive and profitable. Our expertise will be to introduce global clients to enhance client base and support the company in areas such as corporate strategy, corporate finance and internal controls. 

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